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The Internet Revolution

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Information technology has become a constant presence in contemporary life, infiltrating community, business and state affairs. This book discusses the uses and problems of IT in both developing and advanced countries, focusing on the ways in which IT changes society without neglecting the problematic aspects of the Internet revolution such as computer crime and the lack of professionals with computer literacy, particularly from a developing country's perspective. It examines such issues as the characteristics of network economies, connectivity pricing, Internet access, regulation, changes in supply chains, IT gaps between supply and demand, productivity increases, and the digital divide. Emanuele Giovannetti, Mitsuhiro Kagami and Masatsugu Tsuji have gathered together a group of international experts in economics and trade who discuss the impact of this revolution globally, looking at countries or regions including the UK, EU, Central and Eastern Europe, USA, Japan, India, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

Extreme Environmental Change And Evolution

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Most natural populations intermittently experience extremely stressful conditions. This book discusses how such conditions can cause periods of intense selection, increasing both phenotypic and genetic variation, and allowing organisms with novel characteristics to be first generated and then established in the population. The authors argue that stressful conditions can have a major impact on the environment, backing up their arguments with evidence from the fossil record. They suggest further that, as a consequence, periods of stress must be taken into consideration when long term conservation strategies are planned, particularly as stressful conditions are becoming increasingly prevalent as a result of human activities. This broad overview will be of great interest to students and researchers in the field of evolutionary biology, genetics, ecology, palaeontology and conservation biology.

Magnificent Malevolence

RRP $16.99

"I was a junior tempter then, but even in those days I showed phenomenal promise - a promise which, as all read this will know, has been amply fulfilled throughout a career of quite unprecedented guile, deviousness, and magnificent malevolence ..." From the archives of the Low Command: Ministry of Misinformation (stamp) This remarkable manuscript outlines the career of the prominent devil, Crumblewit (Order of the Sons of Darkness, 1st Class). Crumblewit provides a fiendish appraisal of the struggles between good and evil which dominated human affairs in the period from 1942 (when the great Screwtape's Letters were released to the world) to the present. Crumblewit's energies were deployed in the religious arena, undermining the attempts of Christians to carry out the mission entrusted to them by the Unmentionable One. The account is pleasingly distorted by its author's truly diabolical conceit and capacity for self-delusion. It sheds a very satisfying light on the tribulations experienced by humans throughout this period. Popular historian Derek Wilson is the author of over 60 books and has written and presented numerous television and radio programmes. He lives and writes in Devon.


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Turbo Turbojet Subaru Automotive
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